Traumatic Clean Up

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Our commitment to doing the work properly and to high safety standards first time, means you can be sure you are using a professional company.

Whether it be cleaning and sanitizing your property after a bodily fluid spillage or helping you cope with the clean up after an unexpected or undiscovered death or working with you through hoarding issues, we are sensitive, empathetic and fully trained and insured to manage your situation.

We provide services to residents, businesses and government agencies throughout Devon and Cornwall 24hrs a day.

Body fluid clean up after a death or accident

When a loved one has died or had an accident, it is often difficult for family members to face the clean up or to deal with the safe and legal disposal of contaminated furniture, etc. We quickly and discreetly clean the area and remove items for safe disposal.

This type of clean up can require specialist equipment to ensure that all trace of body matter and the body fluid spill is dealt with properly, to ensure the safe removal of all contaminated materials, and to prevent the return of associated odours.

House Clearance and hoarding clean-ups.

These situations deeply affect the occupants of a property and very often people will find it difficult to ask for help. Through our own additional personal training as NLP coaches, we work with clients, helping them to overcome the overwhelming need to keep things and to try to put strategies in place to prevent relapses.

We also clean properties that become empty of occupants and yet still full of items and personal belongs. We clear and decontaminate, clean and also offer maintenance, such as painting and decorating in order to return the property to you to manage how you wish.

Decontamination of bacteria, germs and viruses

We use the latest, safest and strongest antimicrobial agent available. This product is safe enough to use in kitchens and yet strong enough for hospital theatres. It has a residual effect that continues to kill at the microbial level for days, weeks even months afterwards. It can be used in doctors’ surgeries, schools, offices, shops, restaurants, residential homes, hospitals, farms. With a kill log of 6 (99.999999%) it disinfects and helps to prevent the further spread of

  • Noro Virus,
  • H1N1,
  • Avian Flu,
  • C-diff,
  • E-coli,
  • MRSA,
  • TB and many other pathogens.

Void property remediation

Often a property can be left void for months after the occupants have left due to probate, family disagreements, or while legal issues are resolved. We can work with solicitors and letting agents to ensure a property is cleared and in a safe and presentable condition ready to be re-occupied, rented out, or sold.

Sharps search & removal

From checking a diabetic’s home for possibly dropped sharps to clearing out a drug den or squat, or even clearing a school playground, alleyway, beach or car park. We have the training and the equipment to safely remove and sanitise the affected areas.

Odour control

We destroy odours rather than just mask them with strong aerosols. Smells associated with smoking rooms, pets, waste, filth, or odours due to the incorrect cleaning of body fluid spills. This service is commonly used by taxis, hotels, clubs, factories, funeral directors and multi-storey car parks.

Crime & trauma scene cleaning

Whether its after a murder, suicide, assault, medical condition or an accident, we can safely and hygienically clean the area. In many cases, standard contents insurance will cover all the costs incurred of cleaning, clearing and restoring the area back to its pre-incident condition. We can liaise directly with insurance companies on your behalf in order to carry out all clean up and remedial work.

Police van and prison cell cleaning

Because these services deal with so many different people, many of whom may well be carrying HIV, aids, TB, etc, then the cleaning of cells, interview rooms and vehicles needs to be carried out properly to prevent infection being transferred to officers, and other members of the public.

Insect infestation control

We are trained by Killgerm in dealing with insects associated with crime scenes, gross filth, etc, but it also means we can quickly and discreetly deal with insect infestation in homes. Whether it is house or animal fleas, flies or wasps, if you are having problems with either crawling or flying insects then we can help.

Removal of fingerprint dust

Police forensic teams do not organise the clean up and fingerprint dust can be very difficult to remove without the correct specialist products.

*Traumatic Cleanup is a trading name of Certitude Service (TLD) Ltd.

Traumatic Cleanup * is fully qualified in all areas of crime scene cleaning and successfully completed ALL of the Academy’s extensive courses. Trained by and also fully accredited members of, the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners, which holds the only recognised training courses in the UK that are designed in conjunction with the National Open College network. The exams taken are verified by an independent body.