For you, the prospective client, being able to read testimonials about Traumatic Clean ups can be reassuring. We will often get fantastic verbal feedback and yet in a time when things are difficult for the people involved in any given situation that we attend it's not always easy for them to leave us Feedback here for many different personal reasons, and we resect that.

Here are just a few reviews that we can share with you without breaking our code of practice... sensitivity, empathy and confidentiality.

Mrs S Wright
Thank you for coming to help me and for making me feel okay about where I had gotten to with all my belongings. I found it hard to begin with but you was patient and kind and nice. It was good to let some of the stuff go and I like that some of it is going to be used again by other people too and to talk to someone as we was doing it was also good. To work with someone in my house going through my things and telling me what I could keep and what I couldn't keep frightened me but I was told I had to do it to stay in the house by other people. You made it much easier than I thought it would be and It helped me a lot and I will use the magic spray too.
Mr James
Plymouth, Sutton Harbour Property and Regeneration
Great, thank you for your very professional and efficient services.
Mr and Ms W.
Many thanks to Ken for a good and sensitive service today at such a difficult time for us - its much appreciated.
Andrea Evans
Trustee, Hodge Estates
The Traumatic Team have recently cleared a secluded corner of commercial land for us, which had unfortunately been used as a drug den for some time. The area was difficult to access and work in, and needed a flexible plan of attack because we couldn't really see the proper layout of the area under what turned out to be several feet of rubbish and undergrowth. It transpired that there were many hypodermic syringes within the rubbish. From my initial enquiry through to the point of completion, the entire team were professional, thorough, understanding, incredibly hard-working and perfectly discreet. They reviewed the work with us at each stage, and we were able to reach the best possible outcome as a result. Their priority is clearly customer satisfaction, and it was a pleasure to deal with them in unfortunate circumstances. I was able to completely trust them to get on with the job, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Bere Alston
after the Traumatic Team helped clean up after a drain backed up into the property.
Thank you, I can't believe how different it looks, I didn't think it would ever look the same again
Mrs and Dr Robinson
Holsworthy - Specialist clean.
The Team worked hard all day and made a big difference. Many thanks.